I don’t want diamonds or fancy dinners. I don’t want anyone to pay for me nor do I want to be so stuck with a person that I lose myself. I don’t need grand gestures of love or meaningless words that people say but they don’t ever mean. All I need is someone who will … More IX


I am fascinated by words. The way they can mean so much but they seem so small and harmless on paper or as words coming out of people’s mouths. I like the way you can mix and match them together and write novels or poetry, songs, movies, plays- some may not mean anything to anyone … More VIII


I love simple things. I love rain and the smell of the pavement after it has rained. I love when people smile, especially people who are not the smiling type. I love the way people get worked up when talking about things they’re passionate about. I love seeing the way peoples eyes change with their … More VII


The thing is I don’t regret it. It was the happiest time of my life at the saddest time in my life. I can’t regret something that made me have so many memories, memories that were even better than I could have ever asked for. Feelings I felt like I might never have again. So … More VI


I’ve been there for every low point, suicidal thought, every panic and anxiety attack, every purge and starvation. And i can’t see anyone else handling them but me. So when you tell me that people like you, guys would kill to be with you, how would they be able to, when I can’t handle myself, … More V


It’s been a year. And I don’t love you anymore. We aren’t friends anymore. Sometimes I still miss you though. Sometimes it’s 2 AM and I’m looking at the sun behind pink pillows of clouds. The sun that has not really set yet nor started to rise and I miss your hugs, and your laugh … More IV


“Girls are played out to be these perfect things. And It makes most of the women population crazy. They either rebel or go to extremes to be perfect. Some girls do ugly things to rebel and prove a point, others take extreme measures to be perfect. So which is better dying to rebel or dying … More III


“I think we need to remember that we live for ourselves, and that only validation that we need is our own. That It doesn’t matter what your parents, friends, strangers or anyone thinks of you. We don’t live to meet their standards, we have to make our own standards,which we need to meet. And we … More II


“The thing is I think we don’t hate ourselves, but we hate what society makes us think we should be. We hate the way society makes people act. We hate how much it disfigures our own thoughts and belifes. Every one who is starving themselves, suffering from depression or anyone who thinks they are a … More I