“Girls are played out to be these perfect things. And It makes most of the women population crazy. They either rebel or go to extremes to be perfect. Some girls do ugly things to rebel and prove a point, others take extreme measures to be perfect. So which is better dying to rebel or dying … More III


“I think we need to remember that we live for ourselves, and that only validation that we need is our own. That It doesn’t matter what your parents, friends, strangers or anyone thinks of you. We don’t live to meet their standards, we have to make our own standards,which we need to meet. And we … More II


“The thing is I think we don’t hate ourselves, but we hate what society makes us think we should be. We hate the way society makes people act. We hate how much it disfigures our own thoughts and belifes. Every one who is starving themselves, suffering from depression or anyone who thinks they are a … More I